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I told him, we had agreed an outside sign would be acceptable, and what happened to working with me, he disregarded what I said.

I reminded him of the email they had sent me regarding switching to another office and he said "maybe we should just cancel the lease because it is going to be too much trouble for everyone." He made it clear at this point an outside sign was out of the picture for me, although that was promised to me prior to signing the lease.

He added I would have to pay an additional per parking space and I agreed.

Roger sent me a copy of the lease and had changed the parking space t o per space.

I came across an ad for a space in Orange and contacted a Roger.

Roger had a strange phone number, seemed like a Google voice number so I was not sure if this was a real ad or a scam.

Eventually we began emailing about the space and we spoke over the phone a few times and I explained to him I needed a space that allowed for 2 parking spaces, at least one permanent, exterior (outside of building) sign for my business and a sign for my office door.

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When I saw the place I told Roger I needed assurance I would not have issues getting my business license approved with the city or have issues getting the suite approved by the DMV due to their requirements.

Roger said management would work with me to make sure the suite would be approved.

I asked to reschedule until the next day so I can provide the specifics to the DMV about the space and show them pictures I had just taken, but Roger said it was not necessary and that he would even send me an email as my assurance that the property management company was willing to work with me.

So Roger emailed me email confirmation, while I sat with him before signing the lease; that they would allow to switch my suite to another office if the city or DMV does not accept my suite.

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The next day, I brought a lady that owns a sign company to inspect the property and offer ideas for signs, particularly the outside sign.

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