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Bradley james dating angel

The actor received a request through his agent to audition for the role of Jett.

After two weeks, he was shocked to learn that he had won the part.

John Palmer tries to catch him, but Jett outruns him.

Jett later steals VJ Patterson's shirt and hits him.

When he starts attending Summer Bay High, principal Gina Austin punishes him for bullying.

She alerts Darryl Braxton (Steve Peacocke) who decides to risk his life to save Jett and jumps in the water.

Peacocke told Rebecca Lake of TV Week that it was a "being in the right place at the right time" scenario as Brax rushes to save Jett's life.

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But he warned that Brax begins to run out of energy the closer he gets to Jett and more drama ensues.