Gina carano dating randy couture

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Gina carano dating randy couture

Everyone is taken in by her shy smile and laid back, good-natured personality.

Gina, who believes the image of a powerful, feminine woman is something to be celebrated, is baffled by the criticisms and humbled by the attention and support from her fans.

Kedzie, who was once arrested with a group of 300 nuns at a protest, is a feisty brawler known for overpowering her opponents in the clench. The exciting fight, an amazing stand-up brawl, goes the distance with Gina knocking Kedzie flat at the end of the second round.

Kedzie, a scrappy fighter, refused to give in, taking Carano down in the third round in a submission attempt. The appreciative crowd gave both fighters a roaring standing ovation.

Her academic goal was a degree in psychology, but with only a few credits remaining she dropped everything in order to help her older sister through a crisis.

At the age of 21, Gina began training in Muay Thai, a form of Kickboxing, with Master Toddy at the suggestion of then boyfriend Kevin Ross. Master Toddy saw potential in the way Gina handled herself.

She graduated from Trinity Christian High School in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she excelled in the volleyball, softball and basketball teams, the latter she helped secure a state title.

Her collegiate studies include the University of Nevada, Reno where she attended one year, and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas for three where she was offered positions on both the softball and basketball teams.

The middle child of three close-knit girls, Casey being a year older and Christie, the youngest, Gina is their self-proclaimed bodyguard and highly protective of them. Growing up in Las Vegas, Gina, a natural born athlete and rambunctious tomboy, studied gymnastics, jazz, tap, ballet, rode horses, whooped up on her male cousins for fun at family gatherings, and wrestled and played football with the neighborhood boys.

She wins her next two fights -- In September 2007 against Tonya Evinger, a wrestling champion, via rear naked choke -- Gina's first submission -- and in May 2008 against Kaitlin Young although Gina had to forfeit a little over 12% of the purse to keep the fight on the card.

She failed to make Elite XC's newly created 140 lb. Most MMA organizations have the featherweight division at 145 lbs.

She uses these criticisms as fuel for her next bout against British fighter Rosi Sexton. Sexton, a cerebral fighter with a mathematics degree from Cambridge and over 10 years of martial arts experience, possesses a 6-0 MMA record.

Many believe Carano will go down in flames but, with six seconds left to go in the second round, Gina knocks Sexton out with a jaw dropping and show stopping overhand right.

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Months later she found herself in a "fight club" situation in San Francisco where she took on any female fighter plopped down in front of her. Initially, because of her pretty face, spectators refused to take her seriously as a fighter.

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